” The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

The Great Smokey Mountains draws in my vacation hungry family as a lure draws in a fish. It is the magnet and we are the sliver of metal. But what exactly is it about this place? It certainly can’t be just the tourist traps. Are we drawn to their expansive mass and the realization that we are as ants compared to them? Is it their continuous rolling through the air? Such mighty works of God are hard to describe.

I wish you could have seen what I saw instead of viewing the sights through the lens of a camera! There were so many images I wasn’t able to capture! The one I most wanted to take (but must now be content in describing) was viewing the melting patches of snow underneath the flowering trees. No where have I seen tourists playing in the frosty mounds and having snowball fights while in short-sleeves! Again I say, neither descriptions nor pictures can do these mountains justice!


Scaling the edge.
Following the creek.
Spring has begun to bloom!
A lonely cabin
A small hike and the view thereof.
Our reward for the short break we made near the edge of the road.

Mountains are the waves of the land.  They’re bristled covered tops lap against our hearts as sea waves lap against the sands. And this, I believe, is what draws my family to them.


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