Let’s be honest, thick books are intimidating. How on earth can one possibly find time to read this leviathan? It’s gonna take months if not years to finish. There’s a war between you and the book. It looks good. You ought to read it, but oh ma, stars WHY!!?

I understand; I really do. Here are a few tips to make them less intimidating and maybe even…comforting.

Pacing  Set for yourself a certain number of pages or chapters you wish to complete a day. Let’s say you wish to read 25 pages a day out of 600 page book. At that pace, the book will be finished within 24 days. If you wish, increase the pages to 50. Then you’ll be done in half the time! Goals and expected ends truly make all the difference!

Read while you travel – When someone else is doing the driving whether it be plane, train, or car, this gives an excellent opportunity to binge a little. A book is travel for the imagination. While you’re physically having adventures out in the expansive wild, let your mind have one too!

Music – Blocking out other disrupting noise can be very helpful in your concentration. With a thriller, put in a fast-paced soundtrack. For a sweet romance, listen to a piano solo. This definitely makes your reading experience more exciting….or more calming depending on the book.

Let me end with this last thought in mind: you never realize you loved something till it’s gone. The same goes for books. Oh yeah, it was LONG and depending on what you chose to read, it may have been relatively boring. Give it a day or two. You may realize you enjoyed it more than you thought. At least, look what you accomplished! You read something huge and scary! You did something you never thought you’d do, but you faced it! Dearest, you have earned your brownie points.

Sooner or later you will see that holding onto characters for a long time isn’t intimidating, but actually quite a comforting thought. No one enjoys saying good-bye to their favorite characters too quickly.

Which book is calling out for you to read?



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