” All around us are people, of all classes, of all nationalities, of all ages. For three days these people, these strangers to one another, are brought together. They sleep and eat under one roof, they cannot get away from each other. At the end of three days they part, they go their several ways, never perhaps to see each other again.” – Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

My imagination has always had a tendency to romanticize train rides. As I close my eyes and dream, I am transported inside the cabin of a vintage locomotive. The year is 1950. A host of strangers are traveling beside me. The person sitting to my opposite left is a blond haired woman where she is filling her time dreamily staring out the window. Beside her is a man. Maybe her husband? Or is he just another stranger known to no one else but himself? Sitting beside me is a young mother entertaining her small child by bouncing him on her knee. Who are these people? What are their stories? Where have these souls been and what secrets do they hold? This is what my imagination pictures.

Ms. Christie obviously had the same inclinations. She perfectly sums up the reasoning behind my own fascinations. Only in a vintage train can so many individuals from all over the world come together, share a roof for a small time, and then depart only to be strewn across the world again. Christie saw the possibilities. Hence, her masterpiece Murder on the Orient Express was born. It does not disappoint!


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