My TBR List Just Grew

It is ever growing and never shrinking. I have dozens more to read, but yesterday I added six more. “I need something to blog about.” was my only excuse for “splurging”. (Big splurge indeed, only spent $22.00)

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His Music Could Not Be Stolen

My soul has vanished within the pages, but it couldn’t be happier.  The book introduced me to itself as a mutual friend of From Dust And Ashes. As Goyer’s second novel about Mauthausen concentration camp, I became overjoyed to know its acquaintance. Part One was a casual stroll meeting the new characters and generally getting to know the plot. It reminded me some of the previous book, but still contained its own personality. I sighed for days of yore, but still respected it as its own person. Part Two, we ran deeper into the woods until we were finally sucked in during Parts Three and Four. My soul, hand in hand with the book, has now been lost. Deep inside the recesses it fell in love with Night Song never to be seen again. Read more

Open Letter To Mark Twain

Authors come and go, but the great ones always live on. They are immortalized by their writings. But, though they speak to me, it’s a heartbreaking thought that I can’t speak back. My heart is imprisoned behind a wall of longing which can never be broken down. But I can certainly build windows! This letter to Twain is a simple conversation and a host of questions I would ask if he were sitting right beside me today.  Read more

That’ll Preach!

Did I really expect to find a quote from Tom Sawyer? Maybe I did. And I had another one underlined, but this one struck me more than the other. Maybe I’ll post the second quote later this week, but I want you to take a look at this for a quick second. Read more