The Book Thief is unique for this main point. As narrator, Death gently calls us in to heed the story of the one human who engrossed his interest. Though not evil, Death’s rule  is not to become immersed in the emotional aspect of human lives. It’s only logical! He has a job to do. He cannot become distracted by his constant musings over our perplexity. 1939 was when that rule was broken. He never neglected his duties, but his interest in human life was sparked.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak:

Rated S – C, SX?

 I was mistaken in thinking this would have no cussing. (It had A LOT!) There was also a chapter I skipped in part eight because it didn’t look too clean. Nothing BAD bad, but I still didn’t want to read it. So, strong caution to parents. You may have to do some censoring before you allow your child to read it.

One might assume this volume to be overweight with depressive thoughts due to the narrator. On the contrary, it inspires hope. It provokes the knowledge that you, as a created human being, are incredibly special.What other creation has the capability to think, heal, and help those around them? What else but only a human can create words and form them into something meaningful? This is what captivates Death. We are so much more different than any other living organism. We feel. We create. But most importantly, we love. The Book Thief, through death, inspires us to live!

My second most favorite aspect was (obviously) Liesel’s  adoration for words. She saw the beauty of them and the importance. She saw how to use them in order to heal others. My soul wished to be there doing the same.

The cast of characters were all as colorful as Liesel’s imagination. You know how sometimes your favorite minor characters become overshadowed by the popularity of the main characters? The same instance is here. Though Rudy, as the author states, plays one of the most important roles in the story, my favorites are far from popular. Ilsa Hermann opened up her library and even her soul to feed this girl’s incurable infatuation  with books. Rosa and Hans, though showing their love in two completely different ways, both loved deeply. (Rosa tended to crack me up too) Even Frau Holtzapfel set aside her differences with Rosa in order to ask Liesel to read to her. I don’t know why, but I really liked that! I know there are many other characters to mention (like Max), but these are the lesser known people who found a special place within my heart .

I must say, my copy is exceptionally marked up by all the underlined quotes. Even  descriptions I found poetically written are underlined.

Even though I do urge strong caution to readers, there are many redemptive qualities.

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