April 12, 9:00 AM marked the hour of pure bliss. Breakfast still stained my lips when I went to pick up the phone for our bimonthly meeting. Olive Oil answered on the other line and we promptly dove into our study on The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

These were our thought provoking discussions:

  • Who or what literally is death? Is there specifically an angel of death who carries us from one life to the other? I don’t think he’d be like what is displayed during Halloween.
  • Jesus took the sting of death away when He died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day.We have a knowledge that we’ll be with Jesus for eternity. Therefore, the way to death may be fearful, but death itself isn’t.
  • After reading so many books on World War Two and the Underground, one forgets that the majority of Germany were enthusiastic followers of Hitler. On top of that, those who were against De Fuhrer probably kept those feelings to themselves. They were not openly defiant as we often picture. Compared to the guerrilla fighters we often read about, would they be considered lukewarm and plainly submissive? Or were they simply surviving? Could more have been done to stop Hitler if they too would have rose up? Then again, wouldn’t we all have been like them?
  • Every object has a story.
  • When doing wrong, it seems great, but it only ends in sorrow.
  • It’s always easier to think about doing something that actually doing it.
  • Jews weren’t the only victims of Hitler. Each citizen whether Nazi or not was stripped of their humanity. Love was replaced by hate. Deaf ears turned away to the pleas of the helpless. People became sores in the sight of other people. The Nazis themselves were victims of their own ideology! They stripped themselves of humanity…all because of one lie told over and over again.
  • Dictators equal death. Hitler took so much!
  • How many people die before they’re actually killed?
  • Hitler had a “take what I think is mine” attitude. Take other countries. Take other lives. Did this same attitude leak out onto the citizens?

Check out my review of this book.

What are your thoughts on these subjects? Join the discussion! (Keep it nice)


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