If I could describe Tom Sawyer in a few simple words, the above quoted would be it. There were so many happy little details of childhood I had forgotten, but were brought back to memory after reading this. Tom Sawyer is about as close as I can get to returning to the days of playful yore.


Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Rated S – c, r

The N word was used as well as two other D words. The common opinion of African Americans at the time can be seen throughout the book. Native Americans weren’t put in the greatest of lights either.

This was one of those books that you’ve always heard about but never read. What did I expect? A history of an exasperating, scheming boy? Pretty much! Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to read tales about treasure hunts, murders, and caves! I had no idea these resided within the pages! Why haven’t more people read this!? It’s so easy to see why it’s a classic!

Though typically considered a children’s book, they were not intended to be the only audience.Why then do older audiences shy away from it?”Oh, this kid’s a brat. He hardly ever gets into trouble!” might be the response. I see. Tom Sawyer may not be perfect for everyone, but for others, you might just have to get into the right frame of mind. Twain’s goal was not to tire the audience with foolish antics of a bratty kid, but to bring them back to a second childhood. Memories of carefree summer days rush over us as we read about Tom’s frolics, and sigh longingly when we remember our own treasure seeking adventures.

It may have been years since you were a kid, but the pages of Tom Sawyer welcome you back into forgotten, bygone days.

Be transported back yourself by buying a copy here.


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