While pursuing my own personal studies, this is one thing I’ve learned: Don’t be afraid to highlight.

In your own private books, if a fact pops you over the head with its awesomeness, highlight it. If you find a name or date you think might be important, highlight it. Don’t even be ashamed to highlight whole paragraphs. (Or if you’re super lazy like me, just draw a star next the opening sentence) The point is, these are your studies and your books. If you find something cool, you shouldn’t have to feel odd in marking it.

Let’s just set one thing straight. College studies and personal studies are two different things. Studies for college require you to take tests. Tests require the memorization of certain facts. In this case, do not be overzealous with the highlighter and tire your brain with useless data. Personal studies, on the other hand, are usually just for fun and have no requirements for memorization. (unless taking online courses) This opens up freedom to mark anything personally interesting.

This is just what I’ve learned, but others might not like the thought of marking up a book. Sticky notes work wonders too.

What tips have you learned while studying?



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