It’s a queer thing a book. How can a few letters stuck together on pieces of tree have the power to make itself home in my heart? My soul has encountered a life changer.

Bookclub has finished its discussions on The Book Thief. (heartbreaking!) But on to new prospects!

Here are our last thoughts:

  • War is a harsh taskmaster. It takes much but has the guile to ask for more.
  • We take not only the death of the Jews and the holocaust lightly, but we take each massacre lightly. People have died in horrible ways and our only response is, “Oh how sad”. Yet, how can we fully fathom the horrors when we were not there? Shouldn’t we make an effort to understand? Do we really want to?
  • We are most alive when we do what we love.
  • We are all one race. When we hear of people being murdered, whether way over seas or in our own country, they are you. We are of the same blood. We are all related in some distant way! Why then do we not care more?
  • Have you ever noticed when people become desperate, they become superstitious?
  • Pain lessens when you have something to focus on.
  • In a society like Hitler’s, what do you do? Compromise brings inner shame while forsaking it makes you a criminal. Lose lose situation! BUT, doesn’t forsaking bring inner glory and a clear conscience?
  • Every era has its problems. The 40’s had the Nazis. The 50’s had the Cold War and the threat of Communism. Today, we have ISIS. When we wish to live in a different era, do we really know what we’re saying? The 40’s and 50’s seem so exciting in books, but you have to realize, they didn’t possess the knowledge you and I now have. They didn’t know the Nazis would lose nor that Communism would fall. No era is better than another.
  • There are things that no person should have to deal with.
  • Kids can be more courageous than adults.
  • Do we treat people the way we wish to be treated?
  • Fear is so controlling. It’s often greater than ourselves and has the power to take over convincing us that there is no escape. How can you let go of fear when there’s nothing bigger to fall back on? To gain victory, one has to have a greater power backing you. (reminded me of the verse in 1John 4:18)
  • Don’t stand on the sidelines when people’s lives are on the line.
  • Death shouldn’t be feared.


Don’t miss our first Bookclub Highlights on The Book Thief! Join me in May as we discuss Night Song by Tricia Goyer!

Join in on the fun! What are your thoughts?


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