My soul has vanished within the pages, but it couldn’t be happier.  The book introduced me to itself as a mutual friend of From Dust And Ashes. As Goyer’s second novel about Mauthausen concentration camp, I became overjoyed to know its acquaintance. Part One was a casual stroll meeting the new characters and generally getting to know the plot. It reminded me some of the previous book, but still contained its own personality. I sighed for days of yore, but still respected it as its own person. Part Two, we ran deeper into the woods until we were finally sucked in during Parts Three and Four. My soul, hand in hand with the book, has now been lost. Deep inside the recesses it fell in love with Night Song never to be seen again.

Night Song by Tricia Goyer

Rated S-

Light nudity. Wasn’t anything heavy, so I’d still recommend it to pretty much anyone. 

What happens when Goyer weaves together the lives of an Austrian aristocrat, American surgeon, Jewish musician, and German Nazi? Epicness that’s what! Part One, where introduced to Evie, Nick, Jakub, and Otto, may start out slow, but oh, you’re only getting started!

With each new part, the plot escalates into riveting and heart stopping adventure. You should have seen the book being pulled closer and closer to my face as the plot thickened! I mean, have you ever been kidnapped by the Resistance or played in the camp orchestra as if your life depended on it? Not yet you say? Something needs to change in your life, and this is just the book to do it! You will flip out over all the twists and turns! (and fangirl a little when you notice characters from her previous work)

Not only was the book exciting, but it was also eye opening. Otto, the Nazi, realizes there’s something behind the Hitler crazed Nazi glitter. There’s something more than just the hyped up speeches and robust youth meetings. His quest for unlimited power reveals the secrets of true Nazism and its symbolism. It hit me in the face to see just how Nazism became so powerful and evil, yet it made a lot of sense.

Join Nick, Evie, and Jakub as they combat Hitler and Otto’s Ancient powers with an even greater Power with Night Song.


  If you’d like to read her first book From Dust And Ashes, check it out here as well as the review. Find Night Song hereAnd don’t forget to check out Tricia Goyer’s website for more of her books!





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