Book searching is a treasure hunt. Whether new or old, each contain abundant wealth within its pages. But for me, used books store the most diamonds.

  1. Previous Readers Lived Inside: There is nothing better than opening a book and realizing it was well loved. The pages may be well separated or the spine is all crackled, but you know that you were not the first one here. Many others have gone before you and joined in the adventures. I often wonder what drew the others to its story. Was it soon considered a favorite? What did they get out of it?
  2. Treasures Left Behind:  Sometimes, the previous readers leave behind a little something. You never know what you’re going to find! Once I found a note/ drawing from a little girl to her mother. In others, you might find highlighted phrases, personal notes from one friend to another, or even a chocolate smudged fingerprint.
  3. No Worries: We like our new books looking new! When it starts getting worn, our hearts tend to sink. But when they’re used, it tends to take the stress out of keeping them perfect!
  4. Ex-Library Books: It just goes without saying: library books are somehow more magical. Every time I take one out, I always have trouble giving it back. How bad would the consequences be if I conveniently “lost” them? But what makes them this way? Is it the knowledge that dozens of of readers of lived there, but the book has still been well tended to? Is it the plastic covering unique only to the library world? It may be just me, but I find even the ka-thump noise the book makes when contacting a hard surface special too. So when I’m lucky enough to find an ex-library book, I snatch it up! Gives my personal library a more legit look anyway!
  5. Cheaper: Duh moment. But $15.00-$25.00 books can often be found for half price or less. For your information, I just bought 6 books for $21.00 at a local used bookstore.


Do you prefer to buy your books new or used? What perks do you find when buying in that particular condition?


2 thoughts on “The Perks of Buying Used

  1. I’ve bought quite a few used books lately which were all in remarkably good shape. To me it feels like adopting a pet from the animal shelter; giving them a new well-loved home after being abandoned by their previous owner. The poor things!


    1. Aww! I never thought of it that way.There are times when I find a book that was either autographed or had a written note on the title page and wonder who would get rid of that!!? As you said, it’s as if they were abandoned. Someone needs to cherish them for what they are! Guess it’s up to you and me to save them! (Something we are only too happy to do!)

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