Answer me this:

Six books – one + two =?

The Result:

Too many books and not enough time!


I had the pleasure on Friday to hit the bookish jackpot! I bought six books for $22.00 and even figured out which one to read first! (FYI, it’s Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs. Can’t wait to review it!) Tuesday rolled around and what did my ears hearken to? My beautiful mother wishing to acquire one more bargain from Gullion’s Christian Supply Center. This “in and out” stop found me two more books…and a leaflet of coupons.

My Findings:

Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenburg: In case you can’t see, the red dot stickers say 30% off. I saved $2.00 on that book which was already a bargain at $7.00! Do you hear that? The angels are singing! I’ve been yearning for a Rosenburg. I already have his Auschwitz Escape but have not yet read his political thrillers. Does anyone know what they’re like? Yet, I have something against it. This is the third book in a trilogy! Somehow, I always manage to find the last book in a series but never the ones before it. Horror upon horrors, now I have to find book one and two.


The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers: I don’t know who actually recommended this book to me or where I even heard of it. It might have been a passing remark. But, if you can’t see on the cover, it was awarded a medal! This is a good sign! What spectacular things lie within the pages?

What books are on your To Be Read list?


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