If you remember on Tuesday, I was in an awful predicament. It was my rule to post at least a quote per week (you could call it my quote quota….don’t strain yourself laughing) but I broke it twice consecutively! In consequence, I had to catch up and finally did so tonight. 

“…though success may be envied, those who are successful may yet be liked if only they themselves do not seem conscious of success.” – Wulf The Saxon by G.A.Henty

A simple lesson this: Stay Humble. Pride does not impress but alienates.


If you are not familiar with G.A. Henty’s novels, he was a YA historical fiction, adventure writer. To describe his works in a few words, I would say they are textbooks disguised as action packed novels. Don’t get scared by the textbook word. True, his books are laden with historical facts, but you learn them in the most exciting ways! You experience firsthand the places, people, and events while journeying with the characters. Honestly, you don’t even know you’re learning until it’s too late!

A Challenge: Read one of his books then watch a documentary on the same topic. You will be familiar with each fact mentioned.

The age level is 7th-9th grade. The old English might be a bit too heavy for younger readers. For those struggling in history, let me recommend Henty’s books. They may be helpful.


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