“Watcha gonna do about it?” is a question I often ask myself.  I might ask you the same thing.

Each person is given a passion, and with that passion resides a dream. What are yours?

You wanna hear mine? My heart goes out to the women and other people in third world countries. Besides being too poor to afford an education, the women are also deemed unworthy. They are brought up seeing themselves as either trash or slaves. This utterly breaks my heart. But….what if a book was placed in their hands? What could change in their lives? Besides providing them with spiritual and physical care, this is how I wish to show God’s love to them. “Darling,” I imagine myself saying, “lets read a story.”

Though your dreams seem jumbled and crazy now, don’t let go of them. God will piece them together into a beautiful purpose.


2 thoughts on “So You Have A Passion For Reading

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