The forest inspires me. On the well trodden paths of Lake Norman State Park, I do not see a simple tree or a common stone. I see a story. A story of the lives which live there. I’m not talking of the birds, squirrels, or chipmunks (though they often find a place in them) but the mythical creatures which roam the woods at night. Join me in my fairyland adventure.

The little fairy beckoned me through the gate. Her pink hair fluttered through the wind as I stared curiously at her. A minute ago she had introduced herself as Firefly and promised me a tour of her homeland. I was a tad hesitant as I stared at the gate before me. Here, the two worlds were separated. I could choose to stay in my comfortable civilized world or take an adventure into a unknown place. Firefly perched on my shoulder while I tried to make my decision. I could almost hear her eyes roll at my irresolution. Honestly, what was stopping me? Through the portal I went.

The entrance to Firefly’s home.

The first place she showed me was her home. It was camouflaged underneath a small bush. She was quite proud of the warm, homey feel it gave to her nook. Not only that but she was quite proud of her lake view too. Waterfront property, she told me, was difficult to find. It seems as if every little fairy coveted a place by the lake.

Near her dwelling is a hidden path. She related to me of her joyous afternoon visits to her neighbor the lizard. She introduced me to him as Mr.Zippy. I couldn’t help but notice the bright red stripe on his side. When asked if he’d like his picture taken, he declined saying he was much too camera shy.

Firefly’s favorite place for an afternoon fly.

We turned around from there and she led me on a different path. I asked where she was taking me.

“To my sister’s of course!” she replied.

On our way, I found some odd objects.

“What is this?” I asked pointing to a pair of twisted tree trunks. Her face clouded, and I instantly regretted my curiosity. I learned that centuries back, there had been a great war with the giants. Simply, they had been thirsty for more land…and more water. If you knew the woodland creatures and fairies, you would know they were happy to oblige. They’re a generous sort of folk, you know. But the giants were not as content with a peaceful coexistence. War broke out. Blocking off the giant’s portal was the only way the fairies and other creatures could keep them out. The twisted trunks are the testament of every little fairy, elf, and dwarf’s effort to close off the giant’s entrance into fairyland. The remains of the giant’s occupation can still be seen today.

Enough of that. Off we were to find Cranberry, Firefly’s sister. As she flew and I tried to keep up, she told me all about her sister’s family. As I understand it, she had married a dashing young fairyman named Twigs Butterbean. Later, birthed two sets of triplets. The first set were all girls named Essence, Daydream, and Meadow. The second set were all boys named Emerald, Polaris, and Garnet. This family is as fond of the water as Firefly but couldn’t afford the waterfront price. Instead, they content themselves with regular visits to Firefly’s house where they boat and swim.

If I continued with my story it would be much longer than it already is, so I must leave the rest for another day. Till then, I hope you visit Lake Norman for yourself and meet Firefly. You’ll never know where she’ll take you.


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