When one thinks of Greece, what is the first city that comes to mind?  The common answer would be either Athens or Sparta. If you’re a fellow travel lover or history nerd, wouldn’t you love to go there? Who wouldn’t want to walk the paths of the ancients or see the megalithic temples? But let’s be honest, everyone visits those two cities! Isn’t there something different to see in Greece? Have you considered Patmos?

Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn

Rated S –

I didn’t really know what to rate this. To be honest, I could have rated it A but still wasn’t completely comfortable with that decision. There was a part where some girls go swimming, and picky mothers might not like their boys reading that part. I’d still recommend it to practically anyone. There was no sex or language or anything like that.

You all  probably heard of Greece’s economic collapse a few years back, right? Do you actually understand the true ruin it caused? Frankly, I never understood it either. Its devastation seemed so far away from my personal life. How bad could it possibly be? From Patmos Deception, that view changed. At the time of Bunn’s writing, the unemployment rate was 25-27%. Compare that to our 6.7% and then you’ll see the difference.

Like Nick, Carey, and Dimitri found out, the bad economy affected everyone! Carey found out the hard way that jobs could not be promised. Dimitri’s  business was on the brink of bankruptcy. What lengths would you go to in order to obtain money? Would you maintain integrity or would you compromise your values? Like those in the story, smuggling was a very real option. But for how long could one get away with it? Actually, just what were you smuggling…and for whom? You’d be surprised.

Though described as a suspense, I must admit, it wasn’t very suspenseful. Interesting, yes but sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting it was not.

Among that, there were a few writing glitches I didn’t quite like. I got lost several times in the story, but they were short lived. Also, the ending seemed rushed. I don’t really know how to explain it, but it seemed like Bunn cheated his way to a good ending. (For example, kidnapped girls are not deserted by their guards and left all alone) It was all too easy. Professional, high -up criminals are not dumb. Then, the epilogue ended in two corny proposals. The first one was okay, (promises of change etc) but then the second proposal was literally the exact same thing! The men both promised to change for their special gal!

Refreshingly, this book does not take place in a cliche city or back in ancient times. This is here and now on a tiny island not often noticed. Though it’s not what one might call “suspenseful” it’s still interesting, and you’d be surprised by how much you learn.


Buy Patmos Deception. Don’t forget to check out Bunn’s website too!




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