Is it morbid that our favorite books in bookclub are on World War Two and the Holocaust? I’m going to give you a math problem here (get your calculator ready). We have read nine books in total. Four have been World War Two/Holocaust stories. What percentage of books were on these topics? If my estimations are correct (and they rarely are), that’s roughly 50%.

Even though we are constantly studying these subjects, we always manage to learn something new.

Here are a few of our main points:

  • If you’re told a lie over and over again (no matter how stupid it may sound at first), it becomes easier and easier to believe. What was once clearly black and white becomes gray. Solid lines become blurred.
  • Demon possession and possession by the Holy Ghost are vastly different. The Holy Ghost empowers us to have joy, peace, and love when dealing with difficult circumstances. He encourages and gives wisdom when we need guidance. When nearing trouble, He cautions us. On the other hand, demonic possession seeks to devour and destroy those whom they control. Though it seems as if you are able to conquer and overpower anything, it usually ends in fear and destruction.
  • Did you know Swastikas used to be a symbol of good luck? It used to be a good, normal thing. The Nazi salute too used to be a normal sign of respect. Thanks to Hitler, these everyday objects are now considered symbols of death.
  • A funny thing hope is. How can something so frail be so strong?
  • Living is a silent resistance to death.
  • Are symbols just pictures or something more?
  • Some of the finest people were put to do death during the Holocaust. How can life be considered so cheap?
  • How can creation be so valued but not the Creator?


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