Through wet, cold, heat, or sunshine, you cannot keep us away from the racetrack! No, our main purpose is not to see the races (though it’s a huge bonus) but to show Jesus’ love to the race fans.

For the past couple weekends, we have partnered with Cabarrus Raceway Ministries to serve and care for the campers at Rock City Campground. Here’s a run down of what a day at the ministry tent may look like:

On Saturdays, the morning is full of fun activities for you and the family! It’s kicked off with a free (No, that ain’t no typo. When I say FREE, I mean FREE. No strings attached) full pancake breakfast.

After a little bit of live music and preaching, enter George South! Wait, wait, wait! George South the wrestler!? That be him! Through the 11:00 hour, he puts on 4-6 matches. And let me tell you, I don’t know what is more entertaining the screaming insults from the audience or the actual show.140_1986

“Make ‘im cry, boy!”

As we say at the tent, the Pinewood Derby is the main event of the season! The big race is just a side show. Here, the kids (and the adults who have still maintained their inner child) have the chance to create and paint their own cars. We try to make it as close to the actual racing experience as possible. After Driver’s Meeting, we’ll have driver’s introductions, then sing the National Anthem and even have a fly over! (usually done with a matchbox plane)  While waiting for the cars to be set up, the kids are interviewed and asked how fun questions like “How did your car handle during practice?” or “Did you find a crew chief for this race?”. (Makes the experience feel more legit) Then, the race begins! Each racer is eliminated as one car continues to beat the competition. First, Second, and Third place winners are given trophies and extra fun prizes while all others who participated are free to pick out a small prize from the prize table.

The activities end around 12:00, so after you grab a hotdog lunch you’re able to relax or do some shopping at the vendors before the race starts.

So the next time you’re at the Charlotte race (which is in October, by the way), look us up. You’re guaranteed to be greeted by many smiling faces, fed well, and immensely entertained.




3 thoughts on “Boogity Boogity!!

  1. This sounds like so much fun! What a beautiful and exciting way to spread the Word. I especially love the added touch of interviewing the children before the race; it definitely does make the experience seem more legit! AND then there’s also a FREE pancake breakfast?! Honestly, it couldn’t get any better 🙂

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    1. Did I mention a free lunch too?
      All the volunteers are fabulous! The love of Christ is so apparent in their lives; it’s such a joy to work alongside them!
      The Sunday during Memorial Day weekend is awesome too! A fantastic memorial service is done for our veterans. I mean, it’s done well!! We had some of our volunteers dress up as Revolutionary War soldiers and walked down the tent aisle playing fife and drums. Then,we had a few poems read. The National Anthem was sung. Then we paused for a moment of silence. (We do a bit more than that, but you get the idea) After, we honor our service men by recognizing them and thanking them for what they’ve done.
      Plus, we do one last big breakfast.

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