I Fell In Love With Mitford

While laughing with Father Tim, we pause wishing we lived in Karon’s fictional town of Mitford. It’s peaceful; it’s cozy. All around, it’s the small hometown you always dreamt of. Yet, in a small section hidden within Blowing Rock, NC, you’ll find a town much like the one from Karon’s books. Read more


Bookish Tip

Always walk into a book expecting to come out different. When deliberately searching for a lesson, you will find it. Not only will your reading experience be enhanced but your personal growth will abound when applying them.

Just Because

I look back at doing the Three Day Quote Challenge as others would look back on their weekend vacation. “How can it be done already!?” I groan to myself. “I was having so much fun!” Yet, who said I had to stop? (I mean, seriously now?) So, for no reason other than just because, here is a bonus quote.  Read more

Quote Challenge: Day One

I owe my new blogging buddy, Writing Like Crazy a huge thank you for choosing me to do this challenge.How fun!!! 😀

I know I’m really supposed to find one quote per day….but I found two instead. O:)


Have we not seen this with both the Nazis and within terrorism? Interestingly enough, Heine’s books were burned during the Nazi’s campaign to erase un-german philosophy.


On a related note….



What is a dictatorial government’s first line of defense? A lot of the times, it’s ignorance. The public must not be able to think for themselves but instead be told what to think. Why do you think North Korea has banned the classics and other books from the West? What would have happened if Heine’s quote would have been found in Nazi Germany? Horror upon horrors: would it have been taken seriously? Would someone have actually started thinking? OOOOH, scary!!! It’s simple: read a book, stop a dictator. 😉


Now, the hardest decision of the day: who to tag?

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