This book plunges you into the heart of hot moral issues, slaps you in the face with bold truth, and leaves you with eyes wide open! This is:

Prophet by Frank E. Peretti

Rated S-

Couldn’t really put my finger on it, so excuse me if I’m vague. But in some areas, it was…intense. Nothing bad, but I wouldn’t loan it to younger readers.

Like any election year, the news crew at Channel 6 is busy covering rallies, campaigns, and other political interests. All is normal till a street preacher shows up, and boy, does he have something to say! Wouldn’t this make a great background for a broadcast? Most at Channel 6 thought so except for the anchorman. He happens to be the preacher’s son.

So what’s the religious kook trying to say anyway? Anchorman and son, John Barrett had no intention of finding out. In all reality, his only intention was hushing up his father. Well, you could say he was quieted. Actually he died, and a normal death it was not. With his reporter instinct in him, John takes to the trail searching for truth! But his discoveries take him a lot farther than he ever intended.

Soon, these matters can no longer be considered personal.This is news, and people need to know! But can he get passed the prejudices and biases of the newsroom in order for his discoveries televised? What will it cost him? Is it worth it?

This is a classic Peretti! His good vs. evil theme is packed with intense action and shameless bold truth. If you’re willing to throw political correctness to the wind, you might want to read this. Order your copy here.  You may also want to check out his website.


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