Have you ever camped at Maggie Valley? Well, neither had we. Many times we drove through while on our way to Cherokee or Gatlinburg, but it’s not a place you’d notice much. It has no big attractions or shopping centers, but that didn’t stop us from having the best time of our lives!

Not trying or discovering something new is wasting a vacation.  What new thing did I discover? Hominy! What the what is hominy? Simply, it’s corn puffed up to twice its size. The outer kernel is peeled off and all that’s left is its inner goodness. The texture is no longer crunchy, but instead, almost feels like firm mashed potatoes. Now don’t you dare say that’s disgusting because it was the most amazing thing ever!  Let it soak in butter, add a little bit of salt and pepper, then MMMMM, you’ve got yourself a bit of heaven!

We arrived at our campground around noon (after I had stuffed myself full of hominy), and decided to explore our surroundings.  Through the middle of the grounds ran a wide creek. If one wished, you could buy yourself a waterfront camping spot next to it. Indeed, we wished. So, we packed up and moved to our new shaded area.

If you were wondering what the best thing was about this trip, being next to the creek had to be it! In the morning, the breeze would carry the scent of water through your windows while at night you fell asleep listening to its babble. Not only that but we had nine ducks plus a baby blue jay as neighbors.

Our Neighbors

Our fun didn’t stop there. Look at this nook we found! If this isn’t the perfect place for a reader to hang out, I don’t know what is!


Then if you walk a little farther down, you’ll find the tiniest of beaches.

You couldn’t help but praise God for the beauty He has bestowed upon the earth! His creation and detail to every little thing is amazing! We are not going to bypass Maggie Valley again!


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