Along with hominy and a camping spot next to a creek, what else could make my vacation in Maggie Valley perfect? That’s a silly question. How about a book? The sleepy mountain town in At Home In Mitford is materialized as you note the many similarities between it and the Valley. 

At Home In Mitford by Jan Karon

Rated S – c

Two cuss words.

Do you  have those days where you feel completely burnt out but can’t seem to relax? Father Tim has the exact same problem. Vacation was often out of the question for this rector. If it wasn’t his parishioners who needed him, it was his newly adopted dog. If it wasn’t his dog, then it was the boy he had just taken in. And if it wasn’t the boy, well then he was probably out chasing jewel thieves. It’s obvious. Father Tim did not know the meaning of relaxation. Will he finally be pushed to the brink?

How coincidental to be reading about a mountain living, overworked rector while vacationing in the mountains. Perfect book to read in Maggie Valley? I do believe so!


Planning your own trip to the mountains? Take At Home In Mitford with you! Buy it here! Want to find more of Karon’s stories? Visit her website!






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