I look back at doing the Three Day Quote Challenge as others would look back on their weekend vacation. “How can it be done already!?” I groan to myself. “I was having so much fun!” Yet, who said I had to stop? (I mean, seriously now?) So, for no reason other than just because, here is a bonus quote. 

No, I do not need to officially thank any fellow blogger or tag three others to carry on the challenge, but I’m still going to give one last shout out to Writing Like Crazy. This amazing blogger made my DAY when she tagged me. You definitely need to take a gander at this insightful and talented writer’s posts.


This is as true today as it was when Gaskell wrote it in 1848. What positive and lasting results ever emerged from violence? In the context of this quote, Gaskell was speaking on the tensions between factory employers and employees. Obviously, the workers were frustrated, but their savage measures did nothing but cause more injury to both parties. Think of the French or Russian revolutions. What are they remembered for? When mentioned, do you first think about a new budding government or the slaughter of innocent lives? In this case, do not fight fire with fire. It only causes a larger inferno.



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