While laughing with Father Tim, we pause wishing we lived in Karon’s fictional town of Mitford. It’s peaceful; it’s cozy. All around, it’s the small hometown you always dreamt of. Yet, in a small section hidden within Blowing Rock, NC, you’ll find a town much like the one from Karon’s books.

Though Jan Karon did gain her inspiration from Blowing Rock, I can’t say that this little road is exactly where she found it, but look how charming it is! One can certainly imagine, can’t she? As I entered an antique shop, how could I help but find it similar to Andrew Gregory’s? I fangirled while passing each grill thinking of Father Tim’s favorite restaurant, and while peering into the candy shop, I even thought I saw Winnie Ivey.

It may have just been me (and it probably was) but I found the Presbyterian church similar to the church illustrated on the old 90’s covers (and silly me didn’t even take a picture!) Give me credit though, I did take a picture of the Episcopalian church. Isn’t it a gorgeous building?


This little part of Blowing Rock may or may not have been Karon’s inspiration for Mitford, but it’s a wonderful place to imagine running into the rector.

If you want to read my review on At Home In Mitford, you might want to visit here.


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