Christian persecution in China – is it still existent? Are there dangers even worse for Christians than imprisonment and torture?

Across the China Sky by C. Hope Flinchbaugh

Rated S – sx

 To be honest, the “scene” reminded me of Joseph. The lady was trying to seduce the fellow, but instead of yielding to it, he ran.

What do you know about the persecuted church in China? Is it still prevalent? I mean, it’s never really spoken about. After attacks from ISIS and financial ruin in the world, why would we worry ourselves about anything else? I mean, does it really influence us in the west? Attacks may affect us and so would the economy, but the persecution of Christians in some distant country? Really? Across the China Sky shows you exactly why we ought to be concerned for them.

Did you know they are just like you and me? So often we look at them like they’re super Christians. If they can withstand torture and not deny Christ, then they’d have to be, right? How can we think a human can go through that not carry hurt? Like Mei Lin in the story, women suffer bareness from resisting to comply. Like many other characters, they have lost spouses and health for their faith. Do you not think that would cause doubts and inner hurt?

While reading Across the China Sky, you will quickly realize persecution is not their only problem. False cults such as Eastern Lightning are just as dangerous. Oh how bad can they be? Um, well…I’d think kidnapping and brainwashing would be considered pretty bad.

Trust me, you’ll find out all about it when you too read Flinchbaugh’s story. “Aw, it’s only fictional.” you may say. “It’s not true.” SURPRISE! It’s based on actual events. You definitely need to pick it up! Find your copy here.


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