You’ll be busting to the seems with it after reading Saul to Paul.

I really need to apologize for posting only once a week. This month (well, my summers in general) has been busy, and just to warn you, it’s not going to let up anytime soon. So, if you were wondering, I am not dead….simply, time has not been on my side.

Saul to Paul by Voice of the Martyrs

Rated A


“Just why would this book cause abounding joy?” you question. Because nothing is better than hearing how God changed a hardened heart to one of love and kindness. In this book, seven calloused persecutors were adamant in crushing out the gospel. From the outside, a conversion seemed hopeless, but God didn’t see it that way. No, instead He looked on the heart. He not only saw the hurt, confusion, and pain, but also the potential. What could happen if the hate was turned into love? What if their enthusiasm for destruction was turned into an enthusiasm for Jesus?  This is what God sees in each and everyone of us, and He saw it in these men too. Today, these seven are proud to call Jesus their own! Today, they proclaim the gospel instead of wishing for its destruction.  If that isn’t a cause for rejoicing, I don’t know what is!

Let me tell you, this book was an answer to prayer! I’ve been praying and praying to find a copy, but where I was looking, it only came in e-book form. Just recently, I found a hardcover for a penny!!!! Did you see that!?! A whole freaking cent! Yes, that was totally a God thing.

Are you wanting to jump up and down for sheer joy too? Find your used copy here . Or visit Voice of the Martyr’s website and buy Saul to Paul new here.


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