Congratulate us my minions! After gleaning every last bit of wisdom from our WW2 novels, we bookclubers broke out of our mold and read something different. *applause*


Again, I do apologize for my lack of posting. This month has been super busy, and I’ll have to warn you, the following weeks will be the same. Hopefully after summer, things will calm down and I’ll be able to post regularly.


  • Start each day with a prayer. It gets you focused on the right things.
  • You don’t really think about it, but often, the counselor needs a counselor. They’re only human too, ya know! They’re not super Christians. They’re not high and above every other being on the planet. No, they need help (maybe even more so) just like everyone else. The hard part is: who can they go to?
  • Be a helper to the helper and give back to those who give. One can only give out so much light until you burn out. Show them that they’re loved and not taken for granted by shining some rays yourself 🙂
  • Don’t go being a negative ninny, and avoid seeing the negative in others. (how can you let your light shine if it’s covered over with a thunder cloud?)
  • The importance of starting good habits now is crucial. The older you become, the more you’re stuck in your old habits. Make sure you’re stuck in good ones.
  • Make the most out of life. Julius Caesar stated, “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.” Can’t the same be applied to this topic? Simply existing is not living. If we’re not living life, then wouldn’t we be dying? Wouldn’t this be a daily death? John 10:10 states that Jesus came to give life more abundantly. Why aren’t we Christians living like it?
  • When you’re in physical pain, what do you think? For me it’s, “Somebody get me focused on something else! Get my mind off the hurt!” When life gets painful, focus on Jesus. Like the physical pain, it’ll still be there, but it’s not overpowering. God helps you bear it.
  • Common sense is faith in a Greater Power. It takes common sense to realize the things of the world just do not work.
  • God is never distant but always near. His name Immanuel  means “God with us”. Being near is part of His being!
  • When someone opens up to you, never take it for granted. They are baring their souls and making themselves vulnerable! Do you know how much courage it takes to do that? They trust you! Don’t break that trust by taking it lightly!
  • Where is the line between being a hard worker and a workaholic?


Read my review for At Home In Mitford, and maybe even imagine visiting Mitford yourself here.


Don’t be afraid to join in on the discussion! Tell me what your favorite points are and what you learned!


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