If you haven’t noticed, my last posts have been somewhat sporadic. And why has that been? Could one use “summer” as an excuse? Once again, I thank you for your patience. Now, would you like to see what’s kept me busy?

A big lumbering boat in the middle of no where…you may have seen it advertised. In fact, you may even have gone to see it. But whether viewed from a distance or in person, one can’t help but realize the Ark Encounter is about far more than just an oversized yacht.

Okay, okay, before you criticize my bad photos and even the lack thereof, in my defense, it was crowded…..and badly lit.

Blurry photo alert! On the first level, the museum displays how cages and supplies may have been  arranged.

The ark is split into three levels.

The first is a tour of how supplies, animals, and cages would have been orderly arranged and stocked. As you can see in the photo, cages for smaller animals, complete with feeder and water bottle, could easily have been stacked on top of each other eliminating any space issues.

The second level holds larger animals, displays Noah’s living quarters, and explains how the ark could have been easily maintained. How do you ventilate a smelly old boat or bring in more light? Though we can only guess and hypothesize, the methods given are surprisingly ingenious (and even easy)!


Not only do you visualize how the ark was easily maintained, but you also get a peak into the personal lives of Noah’s family. How did they manage to cook in a teetering boat? What would have been some of their hobbies or personal style? Again, we can only guess, but those who’s job was to decorate and imagine the living quarters did a pretty neat job! Each room was tailored to fit the possible taste of the individual.

The third level challenges various myths and also answers difficult questions about the ark. Then, they take you through the plan of salvation. Answers are explained very well and taken right from the Bible.

The Ark Encounter is unique in many ways but mostly in message. Where else can you hear the plan of salvation? Where else do you see “ancient man”demonstrated as intelligent? Where else do you see dinosaurs and humans coexisting with each other? That is something worth experiencing!

Start your own tour today! Visit their website and book tickets here.


And before I make my escape, just letting you know a few things. First, the background music in the museum is epic!!!! Hans Zimmer was the first composer I thought of. Secondly, you need to check out the gift shop. Most of the merchandise was made by hand, and the proceedings go to various ministries across the world. (seriously, I got the coolest pair of tin earrings!) Thirdly, you need to eat at the restaurant. Like everything else at the ark, it’s an epic experience worth having.


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