Because The Wishing Jar has been one of my favorites since last year, (you can read all about my enthusiasm in 2016 Favorites (Part One) ) sharing this book was very special to me. I gained so much encouragement from the pages and wished the same for my friends. It is my heartfelt desire for EVERYONE to read this ( I cannot keep the story to myself!) and hope you’ll be the next!


  •  You don’t have to wait for “the man of your dreams” to feel complete! Live life to the fullest now!
  • How does our peace look like to an unbeliever? Does your life with God make them question their life without Him?
  • Love is not purchasable; it can only be given away.
  • There’s something special about nature. Somehow (and I don’t really know why) but one just feels closer to God. You can see His handiwork in each blade of grass and can hear Him whisper as the wind blows through the trees. It’s as if you can see Him.
  • You’re never going to attain “good enough”. What “perfection” we do near (because lets face it, we never actually attain perfection) doesn’t happens overnight.
  • And speaking of perfection: When something is “perfect”, we never think it has much character. It’s the flaws that give personality! Perfect people we deem as boring and unrelatable.
  • Take a look at your stuff. Stuff gets a bad rap doesn’t it? We deem them so materialistic and even evil! But you know what? Each thing echos of God’s love for you. They’re His gifts, and if we start looking at them that way, we begin to worship the Giver more than they.

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