My Dearest Readers,

My bookclub friend and I have been on a morbid streak this year. Remember how last year all we read were books on WWII? Our reading choices for 2017 have largely dealt with the topic of tragedy. This greatly disturbed me. Why has it so enamored us? Yet, as I contemplated, what can be a better topic for living in this world today? As we turn on our tvs and turn to the news, we are bombarded with stories of pain, hate, riots, killings, the list could go on. Today, we need all the encouragement and healing we can get. Katie Ganshert’s  Life After delivers just that.

There’s a thing I’ve enjoyed about these morbid sort of books. Through the characters’ own quest of learning how to heal, one learns alongside of them….almost greedily, absorbing every little bit one can! Here’s a few things we’ve learned:


  • Enjoy every last ounce of your life. You don’t know when it’ll be the last.
  • Jesus cries over our pain as if it were He who was suffering personally. With the Holy Spirit indwelling us (which still amazes me!) He knows every last ounce of pain you bear and understands it better than we do ourselves. He sees it, and He sees you. It’s like in one of my favorite verses, Genesis 6:11,13 – “…the LORD hath heard my affliction…and she called the name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God Seest Me.”
  • A little trick we learned when in stressful situations: Breathe in the positive. Exhale the negative.
  • Learn to view people with God’s eyes. He sees people how they could be in Him instead of how they are now. Ha, remember the story of Gideon? God called him a Might Man of Valor! And what was Gideon doing at the time? HIDING! If God can give courage to a coward, He can save and change anyone!
  • It’s so important to stay in God’s will because one small decision will impact the next.


Also, you need to read it this year because the chapters are dated from April 2017 – June 30 2017. Reading the story on the dates that it’s supposed to be happening feels as if you’ve entered a parallel universe! So I beg you earnestly, read the book now while you can! Notice, you have only ten more days!


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