If we had a theme for this past year, I’d say it was finding joy in the midst of trials. We learned about fighting the wars within ourselves and coming out the victor instead of the victim. Ironically, the books might not have even been about that topic, but they lead into such discussions. From there, we always came back feeling rejuvenated and hopeful. Take a look through these books and maybe you’ll come back feeling the same way.

The only books that are not shown is The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson because I borrowed that one and The Wishing Jar by Penelope J. Stokes because it is being borrowed.

I have a special place in my heart for quotes. Somehow they’re able to utter what is on our minds but unable to be spoken, or they say just what we needed to hear. But for today, I like them for a completely different purpose. They are appetizers, samples if you will of the books from which they belong. The quotes shown below are taken from my stock of favorites and will hopefully wet your appetite for more.

 Hansi The Girl Who Loved the Swastika by Maria Anne Hirschmann


Both the title and quote raises some eyebrows, doesn’t it? Let me tell you a not-so-secret secret: this was one of my favorite books!!! This autobiography was unique in one main way: The author was a devout Nazi who found Jesus. She does not sugarcoat or whitewash what life was like in 1940’s Germany. Instead, she is very bold in stating her blind faith in an erring society and human leader. Her eyes are opened only when Hitler is found dead. Reality sets in and she realizes every hope and dream of a thousand year paradise has crashed in around her. What is there left to believe in? The story continues with her struggle to find something to grasp onto from following “religion” ( which is where this quote comes in) to actually finding Jesus. At times, the book is hard to read emotionally speaking, but by the end, it’s rewarding.


Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Killing Lincoln

This book was chosen for two reasons: 1.) It was an appropriate topic during the election month. 2.) I didn’t know much about Lincoln’s assassination anyway! Instead of becoming bored with a nonfictional book, I was aroused! There were so many ironies and coincidences connected to Lincoln’s murder it became creepy!!

What I underlined most in this book was information so there were no quotes except this one. The assassinators had also wanted to kill Seward but only succeeded in injuring him. That is evidence of great character in Lincoln from Seward’s quote. He was so concerned for people that when he didn’t appear or help, it was evident something was wrong.

The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson– Not pictured

Because I borrowed this book, I couldn’t go back and look for a good quote. Nevertheless, it was an adorable little Christmas story sure to give you the holiday spirit any time of year!



This post is going to get rather long if I continue, so I will be back shortly. Till then, what quote has stuck with you from this past year of reading?







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