So You Have A Passion For Reading

“Watcha gonna do about it?” is a question I often ask myself.  I might ask you the same thing. Read more


The Wheels On The RV Go Round And Round

Not only can I not wait to tell you all about the new and fantastic books to be found but I also cannot wait to share with you all of my travels! There is nothing better in the world that a long ride with a good book in hand! (I am so sorry to those who get car sick as they read. My heart goes out to you!) There’s something magical about binge reading for a couple hours, and then BAM, where am I? It’s as if I’ve ridden on the wings of eagles and here they have dropped me. My heart tugs me to explore my new surroundings! As in the book I may have just read, new adventures await! What will my eyes see? Algae covered monsters hidden beneath the murky waters of the swamps? Will my mind’s eye see the past lives of those who lived before me in an old historic town? What created beauty of God’s good earth will I envelope myself in? Oh, to smell the saltine breeze of the ocean and hear its crash! I can imagine hearing the great oak trees bend and creek in the wind of the mountains! What awaits me?

God has given us such a special gift in being able to travel, yet this doesn’t just excite wanderlust within me but also a mission. We can reach people whom we would never have a chance to reach and meet before. Whose lives can we touch on our little journeys on this earth? You may be thinking, ” Well, it’s not like I can just get up and travel to wherever on the globe. I’m kinda stuck here in my little corner of the world.” That is fantastic because God has put you in your corner of the world for a great reason. Where you are is your mission field. You can travel to the store, work, or even the backyard, but wherever you are placed, you have a purpose for being there. Find it, darling!

Along with my books, journey with me on my traveling adventures!

A World Without a Book Rating

You’re a parent on the search for the next great family favorite movie, or maybe, you’re hunting for the next fun video game. You take a quick glance on the back or front to find the rating, and PERFECT, it doesn’t seem to have anything nasty in it. It’s sure to be awesome! Not so with books. No, with books one must take a chance! A risk! No quick little rating system on the back. No warnings. How on earth are you supposed to tell they’re content? They can sometimes be a chancy thing, and I absolutely hate that! How can one know if it’s wholesome? What if I’m missing out on something amazing? (I’m always on the hunt for my next new favorite) Wouldn’t it be nice if books had a quick and easy rating system too?  A certain number of stars a review gives is not much information to go on nor is a thumbs up or thumbs down. Give me specifics! So, with this blog, I strive to put a Christian perspective, rating, and review to the books I have read in order to help my fellow bookworms find the best possible literature.

The rating system depends upon age suitability and content wholesomeness. I call them as I see them, so even though some ratings might not match eye to eye with yours, hopefully it will still give a good idea of the content.

Rating system complete with definitions:

C – Children. Primarily used to explain age group suitability and not content.

A – All. I would feel comfortable recommending this book to anyone.

S- Some. I might feel comfortable recommending this book to one person but not another due to possibly offensive content.  Therefore, some may like it and others may not.

N- Just no. I’d be sorry I read a book like this. Would not be wholesome in my opinion in the least. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


These letters would come after any S or N rating to give more explanation of why I chose it:


c – cussing

sx – sexual conduct

o -occult

g – gore

r – racism

So these are pretty self explanatory, but during my reviews, I will give more specifics as well as my enthusiastic opinion.

Feel free to comment, but as this is a blog on wholesome reading, please keep your comments wholesome too.