A Small Explanation

As you may have noticed, I have not posted for two whole months!! No, I have not contracted a terrible disease which has kept me away or have had some terrible calamity befall me. Instead, I’ve been working and haven’t yet figured out how to reschedule my blogging around it. In short, regular posting is a thing of the past. I’ll write when I can. Till then, thank you for your continued support.


Bookish Tip

Always walk into a book expecting to come out different. When deliberately searching for a lesson, you will find it. Not only will your reading experience be enhanced but your personal growth will abound when applying them.

A Tip To Authors From An Avid Reader


Why? First impressions! These chapters are the hook and net to the rest of your story. Since your audience is still mourning the death of the last book, it’s difficult to become invested into a new story.  Use those first three chapters to capture our attention! Make us forget about the last book we read! Don’t just introduce the characters and plot, give us a reason to love them and accompany them on their journey. Give us a reason to continue reading.

You all may have already known this, but I just wanted to reiterate the fact.







Friday’s Book Quote

 ” When people tire of the forty-eight minute television novel, they will yearn for a more substantial book within whose covers they can live imaginatively for weeks. The eighteenth-century discursive-type novel will enjoy a vigorous rebirth, because readers will demand it.” – The World Is My Home, A Memoir by James A. Michener


Let me tell you a secret: I have never read this book. Instead, I found the quote in an introduction.

Michael Phillips, author of Legend of the Celtic Stone, shares his love for the thick novel and quotes this piece as support to his view. He thinks of them as a succulent meal which ought to last for weeks. I must admit, I fully agree with him. Though exceedingly intimidating, once you give the ten ton book a go, they’re not half so bad. They may even become your friend.