The Perks of Buying Used

Book searching is a treasure hunt. Whether new or old, each contain abundant wealth within its pages. But for me, used books store the most diamonds. Read more


Open Letter To Mark Twain

Authors come and go, but the great ones always live on. They are immortalized by their writings. But, though they speak to me, it’s a heartbreaking thought that I can’t speak back. My heart is imprisoned behind a wall of longing which can never be broken down. But I can certainly build windows! This letter to Twain is a simple conversation and a host of questions I would ask if he were sitting right beside me today.  Read more

Commemorating National Poetry Month

Here’s a shocker: I used to hate poetry. To my ignorant and biased mind, I assumed all sonnets pertained to someone’s romantic and flowery darling dear or of the earthly environment. I tended to think most were like the common, “Roses are red, violets are blue…” Yet, even these are beautiful…if only I had been exposed to the ones which spoke to me. I realized there was so much more than what I was forced to memorize in school. Why weren’t we taught the pure awe of an author pouring out his incandescent heart in rhyme? Given that outlook, it gives so much more meaning than the up and down rhythm this bored child had to recite. I never saw the potential thread that could bind common hearts together. We come to realize through the author that all humanity is the same. We have common ailments, predicaments, and feelings. He shares his own discoveries and hardships in such a unique way that it can’t help but touch a common cord in our own lives.

Ending on that note, here is an awe inspiring favorite:


by Arthur O’shaughnessy

“We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams,”

 Then it goes on to say how these dreamers have the power create empires but also have the power to tear them down. He hints how the dreamers and music makers are everything but trivial to this world’s success.

 You poetry writers, you are a dreamer. We bloggers, we here are all dreamers.You have the power to make this world great, so what are you going to do with it?  You were given this incredible gift for a reason! The world needs you!

 What are some of your favorite sonnets? Or is there one of your own poems that you’ve been working on?  I would LOVE to read them!

How To Be Friends With The Ten Ton Book

Let’s be honest, thick books are intimidating. How on earth can one possibly find time to read this leviathan? It’s gonna take months if not years to finish. There’s a war between you and the book. It looks good. You ought to read it, but oh ma, stars WHY!!?

I understand; I really do. Here are a few tips to make them less intimidating and maybe even…comforting.

Pacing  Set for yourself a certain number of pages or chapters you wish to complete a day. Let’s say you wish to read 25 pages a day out of 600 page book. At that pace, the book will be finished within 24 days. If you wish, increase the pages to 50. Then you’ll be done in half the time! Goals and expected ends truly make all the difference!

Read while you travel – When someone else is doing the driving whether it be plane, train, or car, this gives an excellent opportunity to binge a little. A book is travel for the imagination. While you’re physically having adventures out in the expansive wild, let your mind have one too!

Music – Blocking out other disrupting noise can be very helpful in your concentration. With a thriller, put in a fast-paced soundtrack. For a sweet romance, listen to a piano solo. This definitely makes your reading experience more exciting….or more calming depending on the book.

Let me end with this last thought in mind: you never realize you loved something till it’s gone. The same goes for books. Oh yeah, it was LONG and depending on what you chose to read, it may have been relatively boring. Give it a day or two. You may realize you enjoyed it more than you thought. At least, look what you accomplished! You read something huge and scary! You did something you never thought you’d do, but you faced it! Dearest, you have earned your brownie points.

Sooner or later you will see that holding onto characters for a long time isn’t intimidating, but actually quite a comforting thought. No one enjoys saying good-bye to their favorite characters too quickly.

Which book is calling out for you to read?


New Beginnings and a New Book

For me, Easter marks the beginning of spring and newness of life. The trees are already showing off their newly formed leaves while tiny blossoms are making their first debut in our lawn. Now, what better way to celebrate this newness than finding a new book? Continuing on my theme of favorites from 2015, this is…

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens

S – c

There was some cussing, but honestly, not all that much. I’d feel comfortable recommending this to pretty much anyone.

My interest in this book was actually sparked by a preview from a mini series based upon it. It made Dicken’s work look so full of intrigue and mystery! I just HAD to read it! I devoured each bookstore aisle looking for it, but when found, I was immediately turned off by its shear enormity! Never before had I attempted such a long read! But eventually climbing over my fear, it wasn’t ALL that bad. LONG, but not too bad. (obviously, if it’s on my favorite reads list!)

Honestly, I have never seen anyone make a more complex plot like Dickens. Murderers, debtors, crabby old ladies, wealthy leaders of society, and a plethora of unique characters only Dickens can create come together in one mind-boggling work to enrich the imaginations of readers fearless enough to attempt it. The story mainly revolves around the Dorrit family who were unfortunate enough to have landed in debtors prison. Like Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, Amy Dorrit is the glue which binds this family together. Though the youngest in the family, she plays no small part. She constantly cares for them whether through poverty or through gain. But there is certainly so much more! I don’t even know where to begin or end with all the people or events! You’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Mind you though, Mr. Clennam is mine! 😉 Well, I might be convinced to share him.

Out of all of Dicken’s novels, I’m surprised this one is not more popular. One never hears of it mentioned. I feel like I’m in a fandom all by myself! Hopefully, that won’t be for long. Buy the book here and join the fandom!