Introducing A Female Dickens

Like her contemporary, Elizabeth Gaskell’s concern for social rights during the Industrial Revolution is apparent in her writings. Her first novel, Mary Barton is no exception. Read more


Bookclub Highlights Part Two: Night Song by Tricia Goyer

The more we read on the Holocaust, the more we’ve realized how similar our world is today. It reminded me of the adage, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it again.”  Maybe in the thoughts below, you can also see some similarities between our present world and the past. Read more

Saturday’s Book Quote

If you remember on Tuesday, I was in an awful predicament. It was my rule to post at least a quote per week (you could call it my quote quota….don’t strain yourself laughing) but I broke it twice consecutively! In consequence, I had to catch up and finally did so tonight.  Read more

His Music Could Not Be Stolen

My soul has vanished within the pages, but it couldn’t be happier.  The book introduced me to itself as a mutual friend of From Dust And Ashes. As Goyer’s second novel about Mauthausen concentration camp, I became overjoyed to know its acquaintance. Part One was a casual stroll meeting the new characters and generally getting to know the plot. It reminded me some of the previous book, but still contained its own personality. I sighed for days of yore, but still respected it as its own person. Part Two, we ran deeper into the woods until we were finally sucked in during Parts Three and Four. My soul, hand in hand with the book, has now been lost. Deep inside the recesses it fell in love with Night Song never to be seen again. Read more

Last 2015 Favorite

I’ve been recently sharing my favorite books from the past year. Sadly, we come to the last one. For those who have missed my other posts on 2015 books, check them all out at the links below.

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2015 Favorites

This next book is highly important to me for the message it gives. It is..

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Rated A –

I believe each individual should have this on their shelf.

I think everyone is relatively familiar with this work, but how many have actually read it? How many have actually grasped the message? To one, it may just be a nice, entertaining, historical fiction novel, but to me, it was a wake-up call for America and her church. Whether it was read during the times of the Civil War or read even today, the message of this book still holds true. People cannot see people as people, and here the church sits idly by doing nothing.

Not only is this story convicting, Read more