A Path Through The Woods

When born into the family of an evangelist, you learn there are helter-skelter type of seasons where events draw near and everything happens at once. But during the peaceful times (such as now)  I look back and realize God’s goodness. He has allowed me to travel throughout the country, meet new people, and experience things I never would have dreamt about. As you can tell, life around here isn’t all about work, but mostly mixed with play and fond memories. This was one of many woven into my summer.

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Destination: Fairyland Part Two


I was sorry to say goodbye to Cranberry and her family yet still eager for Firefly’s tour to commence. She led me near to water’s edge where we drank in the earthy perfume of our surroundings and dazzled as the sun danced across the water.

We were having the loveliest of times till the lake monster appeared. For a monster, he seemed rather contented, but Firefly and I weren’t taking any chances. We scurried along as quickly as possible after I took a picture. (Firefly later reprimanded me for that)

As we finally sat down to catch our breathes, she told me of the monster and his history with the inhabitants.  The lake monsters have long had a residence in Lake Norman State Park, but no one really knows how they got there. Though the accounts differ of their origins, one thing remains the same. They have terrorized society. Dozens of attempts have been tried to capture them, but each one ends in failure. The most infamous plot was to catch one by using a monster sized hook and bait. That night, the citizens were awakened by the sound of thrashing water. Thinking the monster had finally been caught, they rushed towards the trap. All they found was an empty hook. The monster had broken off the barb and swum away with the bait. The hook can still be seen today as pictured above.

When we were ready to move on, Firefly took me around to a few note worthy places. The first was the fairy amphitheater. Her eyes shone when she recounted the numerous nights she spent acting in front of applauding audiences there.

Secondly, she showed me the elven council meeting place. All they had for chairs were three large rocks, but I learned those rocks were of great importance. Only the wisest of all elves had the honor of sitting there.

This I learned was the end of my tour. She led me to the end of the woods where I once again met the horrid gate. Before, I had been hesitant to say hello to this Fairyland. Now I was hesitant to say goodbye. But I knew it was something that had to be said. I whispered promises of return then headed home. I look forward to seeing Firefly again, but for now, I’ll have to be content with my memories.

Trying to say goodbye
Back in civilization

Destination: Fairyland

The forest inspires me. On the well trodden paths of Lake Norman State Park, I do not see a simple tree or a common stone. I see a story. A story of the lives which live there. I’m not talking of the birds, squirrels, or chipmunks (though they often find a place in them) but the mythical creatures which roam the woods at night. Join me in my fairyland adventure. Read more

My Home Away From Home

To the cryptozoologist, it’s the home of Mothman, but to this history buff, it’s a diamond in the rough. Seated on the edges of Kanawha and Ohio River, Point Pleasant, West Virginia is rich in history. Beginning its historical fame in 1749, French commander Pierre Joseph Céloron de Blainville dedicated this part of land to King Louis XV in order to gain peace with the surrounding Natives. Between 1763-1775  the English settlers had been encroaching on Native American land. Well, the Natives certainly had enough of that! In response, Chief Cornstalk brought together a band of Shawnee and Mingo tribes to rage battle against Colonel Andrew Lewis. Chief Cornstalk was defeated in 1774, and later murdered at Fort Randolph in 1777. Around the same time in 1770, George Washington visited in order to supply land grants to military serviceman who fought during the French and Indian War. Legend states that while Washington was there, he expressed that this was a very pleasant point. Hence the town was then named Point Pleasant. (though historically, it was the French commander Pierre Joseph Céloron de Blainville who originally gave it its name) Maybe Washington was just stating his agreement. In more recent history, Point Pleasant is known for the Silver Bridge collapse of 1967.

The places to explore are endless! One can visit the replica of Fort Randolph or take a stroll around the flood wall where a beautiful mural was painted to remember the battle between Chief Cornstalk and Colonel Lewis. Visit even the Old Mansion House which was built upon the battle ground. But most of all, do not miss the Point Pleasant River Museum! If you’re lucky, you may even get a first hand account on the Silver Bridge collapse.

One can’t have a town without people. What can I say? After visiting for three consecutive summer, I’ve come to find that they’re crazy (crazy awesome!)… but oh so loving! When there, you become almost as one of the family. The people take great pride in their history and love to recount it to anyone willing to listen.

From first sight, Point Pleasant may look like any other hick mountain town. But the more you explore, the more it becomes that small hometown you always wished to grow up in. Maybe one day I’ll move there. Who knows. But for right now I’ll have to be content with reminiscing.


How To Be Friends With The Ten Ton Book

Let’s be honest, thick books are intimidating. How on earth can one possibly find time to read this leviathan? It’s gonna take months if not years to finish. There’s a war between you and the book. It looks good. You ought to read it, but oh ma, stars WHY!!?

I understand; I really do. Here are a few tips to make them less intimidating and maybe even…comforting.

Pacing  Set for yourself a certain number of pages or chapters you wish to complete a day. Let’s say you wish to read 25 pages a day out of 600 page book. At that pace, the book will be finished within 24 days. If you wish, increase the pages to 50. Then you’ll be done in half the time! Goals and expected ends truly make all the difference!

Read while you travel – When someone else is doing the driving whether it be plane, train, or car, this gives an excellent opportunity to binge a little. A book is travel for the imagination. While you’re physically having adventures out in the expansive wild, let your mind have one too!

Music – Blocking out other disrupting noise can be very helpful in your concentration. With a thriller, put in a fast-paced soundtrack. For a sweet romance, listen to a piano solo. This definitely makes your reading experience more exciting….or more calming depending on the book.

Let me end with this last thought in mind: you never realize you loved something till it’s gone. The same goes for books. Oh yeah, it was LONG and depending on what you chose to read, it may have been relatively boring. Give it a day or two. You may realize you enjoyed it more than you thought. At least, look what you accomplished! You read something huge and scary! You did something you never thought you’d do, but you faced it! Dearest, you have earned your brownie points.

Sooner or later you will see that holding onto characters for a long time isn’t intimidating, but actually quite a comforting thought. No one enjoys saying good-bye to their favorite characters too quickly.

Which book is calling out for you to read?


Spring in the Smokies

” The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

The Great Smokey Mountains draws in my vacation hungry family as a lure draws in a fish. It is the magnet and we are the sliver of metal. But what exactly is it about this place? It certainly can’t be just the tourist traps. Are we drawn to their expansive mass and the realization that we are as ants compared to them? Is it their continuous rolling through the air? Such mighty works of God are hard to describe.

I wish you could have seen what I saw instead of viewing the sights through the lens of a camera! There were so many images I wasn’t able to capture! The one I most wanted to take (but must now be content in describing) was viewing the melting patches of snow underneath the flowering trees. No where have I seen tourists playing in the frosty mounds and having snowball fights while in short-sleeves! Again I say, neither descriptions nor pictures can do these mountains justice!


Scaling the edge.
Following the creek.
Spring has begun to bloom!
A lonely cabin
A small hike and the view thereof.
Our reward for the short break we made near the edge of the road.

Mountains are the waves of the land.  They’re bristled covered tops lap against our hearts as sea waves lap against the sands. And this, I believe, is what draws my family to them.

The Wheels On The RV Go Round And Round

Not only can I not wait to tell you all about the new and fantastic books to be found but I also cannot wait to share with you all of my travels! There is nothing better in the world that a long ride with a good book in hand! (I am so sorry to those who get car sick as they read. My heart goes out to you!) There’s something magical about binge reading for a couple hours, and then BAM, where am I? It’s as if I’ve ridden on the wings of eagles and here they have dropped me. My heart tugs me to explore my new surroundings! As in the book I may have just read, new adventures await! What will my eyes see? Algae covered monsters hidden beneath the murky waters of the swamps? Will my mind’s eye see the past lives of those who lived before me in an old historic town? What created beauty of God’s good earth will I envelope myself in? Oh, to smell the saltine breeze of the ocean and hear its crash! I can imagine hearing the great oak trees bend and creek in the wind of the mountains! What awaits me?

God has given us such a special gift in being able to travel, yet this doesn’t just excite wanderlust within me but also a mission. We can reach people whom we would never have a chance to reach and meet before. Whose lives can we touch on our little journeys on this earth? You may be thinking, ” Well, it’s not like I can just get up and travel to wherever on the globe. I’m kinda stuck here in my little corner of the world.” That is fantastic because God has put you in your corner of the world for a great reason. Where you are is your mission field. You can travel to the store, work, or even the backyard, but wherever you are placed, you have a purpose for being there. Find it, darling!

Along with my books, journey with me on my traveling adventures!